Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween and Welcome to HorrorKid.com!

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I’d like to welcome you to horrorkid.com, a horror hangout for everyone. Like many of you, I grew up watching as many horror movies as I could get away with. Looking back, I was lucky to have fairly tolerant parents. I’d tag along with my older sisters to the mom and pop video store down the street and be the typical annoying little brother. I’d make a beeline for the horror aisle and get lost studying the artwork on the clamshell cases. My sisters would be under instruction to let me rent one movie but it was up to them to make sure it didn’t look too bad. They were busy being cool teenagers and didn’t really care what I watched so it worked out pretty well. Then there were the nights I was allowed to stay up late and surf the channels. I’d always end up on the second rate cable channels watching some early 80’s slasher film or a ridiculously cheap sci-fi b-movie. I devoured every thing I saw and grew to love the genre. That excitement of watching an early Friday the 13th or Halloween film on a Friday night by myself with the lights out has never left me.

Friday the 13th Pt. 2

That brings us to HorrorKid.com. I know there are a million blogs out there and horror is well covered… but I just love the genre too damn much not to get in on the action! This is a place to discuss horror and the unexplained. I’ll be posting reviews of movies, news about upcoming films, links to cool merch, stories about real life unexplained events… everything horror! Check back often and follow me on social media for your daily dose of the macabre. Let your inner HorrorKid have some fun.

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